The Dart


Not long ago I watched a documentary from the 1960s filmed in Devon, England, which motivated me to paint this afterwards. At the end the narrator had this to say, “The Upper East River Dart is one of those ribbons of sky colored water cutting through solitudes which are hazed in silence. It winds through empty hills taking you with it to somewhere else. It’s part of a landscape of promise that gives you the chance to relate to the self rather than other people. When I’m absent from Devon and I start fretting for Dartmoor, I see this lovely brook springing in and out of shadowy silences and my heart is on the way home long before I start the car.”

ORIGINAL is available.
Size: 9″ x 11″
Paper: Fabriano Esportazione 200lb (Italy). Completely handmade paper using the mill’s original 700-year-old recipe.
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