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I love the fluid quality of pigment suspended in water. Broad washes of color suggest form, while definitive brush marks conjure up details. I work plein air as much as possible. The time limitations of painting outdoors require crisp washes and confident details. Though I prefer working plein air, I also think it is important to do studio paintings. The relaxed environment of the studio allows me to work larger and to take more time with brushwork. These two working methods seem to be at odds with each other but have helped me to develop a fully rounded skill set. Things learned in plein air painting inform studio work and vice versa.

Rather than depict something literally, I imagine a subject as I would like it to be, interpreting both the obvious and the obscure beauty of the world into a language of paint and paper. There is magic in everyday life, and I want my pictures to reveal that.

My education as an architect has opened my eyes to the unique qualities of places and has helped me to understand the forms of the built environment. I do not restrict my work to architectural subjects, but my passion for buildings and places has become an important point of reference for my artwork. I paint primarily to capture the essence of the things that interest me.

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I grew up in the Delaware Valley in Western New Jersey. I earned a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts and worked as a graphic designer and illustrator. Inspired by a passion for buildings and cities, I went on to earn a Masters of Architecture. After a few years of working as an architect, I returned to art with a new vision as a result of my experience. I have been living in Washington DC and working full time as a professional artist since 1996, focusing specifically on watercolor in 2014.

My work has been exhibited and collected around the world; in art societies, embassies, corporate and private collections, including the Anerican Watercolor Society, the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, the Philadelphia Watercolor Society, the Salmagundi Club’s Painting & Sculpture Exhibition in NYC, McLean Project for the Arts and The Hill Center Galleries in Washington DC.

Corporate & Professional Collections:

  • United States Embassy, Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Royal Embassy of Thailand, Washington DC
  • United States Embassy, Swaziland Africa
  • Ritz Carlton Hotel, San Francisco, CA
  • Marriott Hotel, Crystal City, VA
  • Louis Berger International, Washington DC
  • U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services, Washington DC
  • Capitol Hill Park Hyatt Hotel, Washington, DC
  • Castle Hill Inn, Providence, RI
  • Marriott Hotel, Brussels, Belgium
  • Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Washington DC
  • Jefferson Hotel, Richmond VA
  • Old Post Office, Washington DC